About Deepa Krishnan

Deepa Krishnan is a self-taught artist settled in Canada with her sweet little family that supports her creative adventures. She works on a variety of art forms but currently her focus is on Paper Quilling, which involves rolling and shaping strips of paper to create decorative designs.

As a member of Visual Arts Mississauga, she has taken part in many art shows. Get in touch with Deepa Krishnan for inquiries on Custom Artwork and Commission Pieces.

Artist Statement

My passion in Arts & Crafts began from my childhood with my artistic family as my inspiration. All through my life I have been experimenting with various art forms.

While at school my obsession was with Watercolors, when I moved to college where I did my engineering, I delved deep into Drawing & Sketching. After graduating, I worked as a web designer and moved into creative Media Art. When I took a break from my job, I wanted to try something new and out came the "Out of Box Creations". It contains a sample of all the usable life size structures I had created out of cardboard - like Kids Playhouse, Cardboard Furnitures, Prayer Altars and many more.

In 2016 when I first tried out paper quilling, I was fascinated with the idea of turning colored paper strips into art. I was instantly in love with this art and since then I have been continuously mastering this amazing technique. My quilled creations range from simple gift tags to cards, pictures, jewellery and three-dimensional models. Please visit my online Gallery to view my artworks.