Deepa Krishnan's Original Artworks

Welcome to my gallery and thank you for stopping by! Here is a selection of my recent artworks that are unique and handmade using the paper quilling technique.

Paper Quilling is the art of rolling and manipulating narrow strips of paper and then shaping them to make the most exquisite designs.

I love what I do and put all my skill, passion and experience into every piece I make.  I would be happy to work with you to make a custom jewellery or artwork. Get in touch with me to enquire about any of my artworks or discuss about your custom order.

Paper Quilling - Framed Wall Art

Window to the 4 Seasons
Nova Scotia - Custom Order
Lord Ganesha
Spirit of Dance
Butterfly Garden
Watchful Owl
Warli Dance

3-D Quilling

Vintage cycle plant stand
Miniature watering can with flowers
Spring flowers in a basket
Christmas Tree

Paper Quilled Earrings

Quilled Christmas Ornaments

Shades of Blue - Snowflake
Glistening White - Snowflake
Quilled Poinsettia
Rainbow for Christmas
Jingle Bells
Christmas Wreath