Art & Craft Classes for Kids

COVID-19 Update: Following the advice of Peel Public Health and The City of Mississauga, all current in-person classes have been cancelled. Please contact if you have any queries. Stay Home and Stay Safe!

The registrations begin for the fall classes with the hope that the situation gets better by mid of October. But depending on the situation at that time and based on the advice of Peel Health and The City of Mississauga, parents registering for the classes will be kept informed!

COVID-19 Precautions: These are a few of the precautions we need to take to ensure the safety of our families. Admission to the class, is at the discretion of Deepa Krishnan.
  • If the student or anyone in the family feels sick or shows any symptoms of COVID-19, then please do not send your child to the classes. If any class is missed for whatever the reason, the fee for the missed classes will be refunded. 
  • If the faculty (Deepa Krishnan) or anyone in her family falls sick or shows any symptoms of the COVID-19, then all future classes will be cancelled with a full refund given and all parents will be informed. 
  • Parents are required to answer the covid screening questionnaire, before the start of the class and check the temperature of their children before leaving for every class.
  • The studio and the materials used will be sanitized daily, in every possible way. Students will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly and sanitize at the beginning and at the end of their classes everyday. 
  • Class size is limited to 4 students per class. 
Please Note: A full refund will be issued if the student withdraws from the classes for whatever the reason may be. Safety of the students and the families are my highest priority. 

The main objective of this class is to introduce the children to a myriad of art media and techniques. In this class, students will learn the elements of art, unique fine art techniques, fundamental drawing skills, sculpting with clay and creative crafts. The students will also be introduced to the various art practices from around the world, along with the works of great artists through fun projects to enrich their knowledge on Art history. The list of materials required for the class will be emailed after registration.
Learn from the comfort of your home with the online art classes that are delivered via Zoom, with Live interactive session. Class size is limited to a small group of students. All timings are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and cost is in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Please contact Deepa Krishnan if you have any concerns or queries regarding the classes.

Summer Session (Online)

:  5 - 6 years
:  12-Jul to 27-Sep (Mondays)
:  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM EST
:  $150 (10 classes)

About the Class

Deepa Krishnan's Art classes are very unique, where each week the kids will be introduced to new techniques to work with different art medium like oil pastels, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, pencil sketching, sculpting with different kinds of clay, creative crafts, paper quilling and much more, through interesting fun projects.

The main objective of the class is to introduce the children to a myriad of art media and techniques. The students will also be introduced to the various art practices from around the world, along with the works of great artists through fun projects to enrich their knowledge on Art history.

The difficulty level of each project will be adjusted based on the age, skill and enthusiasm of each student.

All materials required will be provided in the class at no additional cost. New projects every season! The completed Art projects will be uploaded in Google gallery / Facebook Page.

Parent Testimonials

"I am glad I joined my daughter in this course. My daughter is so interested in making a lot of creative things right after the first class, and she is eagerly waiting for the next class. Excited seeing this website with beautiful pictures. Thanks Deepa for arranging the sessions."
- Lavanya
"Advika is very excited about the class. The classes are very well conducted. It is well planned in advance and everything needed for the class is arranged neatly. Deepa is a dedicated teacher as well. Much appreciated. Keep it going !"
- Shobha
"I wanted my kid to become aware of various forms of arts like drawing, sketching, painting, etc. The class was successful in achieving that."
- Shaila
"Iraj loves to do art and when I came to know about these classes, I enrolled her and I am happy that she learnt new crafts as well as she got the chance to mingle with other kids."
- Shazia
"Ishita loved each and every class and she is always eager to attend the class. The classes were good, my daughter enjoyed all the sessions. Thank you Deepa for your effort."
- Kavitha
"My child loved and enjoyed the class. She really looks forward to it. She loves making cards for different occasions. I think this class is just great. It has improved her concentration on Art ."
- Azam
"My son loved the classes each and every week and looked forward to them very much. In particular, making board games and actually playing gave him a sense of achievement. He also really liked making things in addition to learning to draw and colour. I think the class imbibes a lot of creativity, especially with all the different kinds of materials used for the creations. He has started drawing a bit better, but I think his colouring has improved a lot (colouring within the lines etc.) "
- Doyle
"Aaranya had a wonderful time in learning crafts and paintings. Deepa is very patient and soft spoken with kids and parents. We are happy to send our daughter to her classes."
- Krithiga
"Meera enjoyed the classes very much. she liked making flowers and painting them. The classes were very beneficial. I could see she was able to colour neatly and draw creatively."
- Swarna
"I liked all the work brought back home. My favorite was the egg shell art and the Mothers day surprise card! It was interesting and Vishwas had lots of fun in the class."
- Srividhya
"Deepa is an awesome Art teacher. She was very committed and is a very nice person. Thank you for everything."
- Atif
"Excellent Deepa !!! Great to see all kids doing so good."
- Pooja