Private Events

Art brings people together as it paves a way to connect with each other and the world around us. Our private art events are a great way to have fun with friends, family or co-workers in a relaxed and encouraging environment.

Virtual events will be hosted via ZOOM and are available for partcipants located in USA and Canada. The supplies kit containing all the required materials for the chosen art activity, will be shipped to the participants.

In-Person events will be hosted at your location and are available within the GTA, Ontario, Canada. All supplies required for the chosen art activity will be provided at the event, so that your guests will only be required to bring in some curiosity and have fun along the way.


ART PARTIES are a FUN Way to get together and CELEBRATE! They are PERFECT for Birthdays, Family gatherings, Kids parties, Baby showers or Just any Celebration!

Choose any medium of art, be it Paper Quilling, Origami, Painting, Clay Sculpting or Mixed Media Art and I can tailor a project just for your group. I will provide all required supplies for the art activity and guide you through the art making process, so that you and your group will have a blast!


Show your appreciation for staff and reward clients with a unique creative experience.

Paper Quilling is an AMAZING art that requires no experience in art making and I will customize the project to suit your brand, business & customers. I will inspire and guide your team through the art making process that will get your team talking, laughing and having fun.


Bring the AMAZING Art of Paper Quilling to your school, college or university through tailored in-person quilling art workshops!

I will customize the project depending on the age of the participants and the theme or occasion like Mother's Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. I will teach the participants unique quilling techniques and guide them to make a masterpiece in their own creative style!

Separate workshops are available for Teachers and Students. In-Person art workshops are available only in the GTA, Ontario.


Private classes are offered in various media like Paper Quilling, Acrylic Painting, Glass Painting, Paper Crafts, Sculpting with clay, Mixed Media and many more.

Choose the art medium you would like to pursue and I will customize the class plan to suit your learning needs. Private classes are available for Kids and Adults. Get in touch with me to learn a new hobby or fine tune your art skills.

Past Online Painting Workshops


Zen Serenity

Moonlight Blossoms


Couples Paint Party


Sunset in Africa





Stargazer Lilies

Mix Colors like a Pro

Northern Lights


Coffee Mug - Private Paint Party

Misty Mountains

Cardinal in Snow

Tree of All Seasons

air show

Cool Air Show